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Tea Tasting

admin4627 March 5, 2021
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  • Tools Required

1or 2 x 8 Cup Cafetiere
3 x chosen tea bags (for brewing)
1 x chosen tea bag (opened and contents placed inside cup or on a saucer)
Sample cups
Tea Passport

  • Prepare

Open 3 tea bags of your chosen tea and place inside cafetiere.
Fill cafetiere to fill line and brew tea according to instructions in tea passport.
Once tea is brewed remove some of the brewed leaves from cafetiere and place into a sample cup or on a saucer.

The Art of Tasting

  • Visual- compare the appearance of the tea leaves both wet and dry
  • Where possible, show the customer examples of “2 leaves and a bud”.
  • This is an opportunity to discuss the qualty, vibrant colors and aromas of the tea. Pour a sample for the customer and discuss the following.
  • Cup Color – color of the tea liquor. Aroma -floral, minty, spicy, complex and layered.
  • Taste – describe the flavor. Beginning, middle and end. Complex undertones and subtle notes. Finish tea tasting by giving customer a teabag sample to take home and try.