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Tasting Activity Steps

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After each tasting step, find words that describe each taste characteristic (aroma, acidity, body and flavor ). Use these words to write a description for each coffee in your Coffee Passport. You can use these descriptions when you talk about coffee with customers.

  • Aroma: Smell both coffees and compare aromas.
  • Acidity: Taste and compare the acidity of both coffees.
  • Body: Taste and compare the body of both coffees.
  • Flavor: Taste and compare the flavor of both coffees.

Experiencing Aroma, Acidity, Body and Flavour

This activity will help you understand the tasting terms used to describe coffee: aroma, acidity, body and flavor. After you understand the tasting terms for the non-coffee items, you will be able to connect the tasting terms to coffee. This will help build a good foundation for your coffee tasting journey.

The way something smells

Smell the syrup flavored water
What does the aroma remind you of?
Begin each of your tastings by smelling the coffee, because much of what we perceive as flavor is related to our sense of smell.
What words would you use to describe the aroma?

The feeling on the sides of your tongue

Taste the orange juice
Where do you feel the orange Juice on your tongue?
You should feel the acidity on the sides and tip of your tongue.
Acidity refers to a flavor note, not to the actual acidity content.
What words would you use to describe acidity?

The weight or thickness on your tongue

Taste and compare non-fat milk versus whole milk
Which one is heavier on the tongue?
Non-fat milk has a light body. It’s thin and light with very little texture or weight on the tongue.
Whole milk has a heavy body. It’s creamy and thick, leaving a coating on the tongue.
What words would you use to describe the body of each milk?

The taste of something

Taste the syrup flavored water
What does the syrup flavored water taste like?
Identifying the flavor of coffee can be difficult. Often, you know what the flavor is, but associating a word with the flavor can be challenging – it’s all part of the coffee journey.
What words would you use to describe the flavor of the syrup flavored water?