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Point of Sale (POS) Operations

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Complete the following tasks with your barista trainer. If you are unable to complete certain tasks in the designated period, complete these remaining tasks on an as-needed basis.

Enter Customer Orders

Espresso beverage
Espresso beverage with modifiers
Non-espresso beverage
Frappuccino® blended beverage
Frappuccino® blended beverage with modifiers
Review “Charging Customers for Customized Beverages” in the Beverage Resource Manual (Beverage Orders)
Food and Pastry Items

Tendering Transactions

Cash transactions
Credit card transactions
Starbucks Card transactions with or
without My Starbucks Rewards’ where available
Service Recovery Voucher, where applicable
Review My Starbucks Rewards'” program, where available
In the Customer Service section of the Store Operations Resource Manual,
review the POS Receipt Invitations (if applicable).

More Tasks

SKU/ltem Number
Price check
Quantity key
Coffee and tea refill
Vo ids
Other local market tasks