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Cold Beverage & Blended Beverage Quality Comparative Tasting

admin4627 septembre 27, 2021
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Every day, thousands of customers come to Starbucks to order a Frappuccino® blended beverage. When we deliver the perfect Frappuccino® blended beverage, we have a chance to make someone’s day better. Starbucks introduced blended beverages in 1995, with Coffee and Mocha Frappuccino® blended beverages.
Since that time, blended beverage drinkers have become some of our most loyal and satisfied customers! Texture, consistency and flavour are the most important qualities of blended beverages. During this tasting, notice the difference in texture, consistency and flavour when a blended beverage is prepared improperly.
The proper ratio of the ice and liquid is the most important factor in delivering a perfect Frappuccino blended beverage every time.

Beverage Too Thick

Too much ice or too little liquid can cause a thick, icy beverage.
While blending, you may hear a loud grinding sound. This is caused by adding too much Ice.
There might be large chunks of ice in the beverage. The beverage will be too thick to pour easily.

Beverage Too Thin

Too little ice or too much liquid can cause a runny, thin beverage that melts quickly.
While blending, you may hear the blades speed up and slow down inconsistently. This is caused by too much liquid.
Melting and separation will be clearly visible within seconds of pouring.
The beverage will pour out of the blender quickly and it may splash.

Perfect Beverage

The perfect Frapruccino blended beverage is creamy and smooth.
While blending, you will hear a consistent
and even whirring sound.This is the sound of a perfect blended beverage.
No large ice chunks will be visible.
The beverage will pour easily, and it’s creamy and smooth.

Build Method Quality

Push pumps ALL the way down,and release ALL the way up.This is considered a fullpump.

Liquid is measured on a level surface so that it is level with the appropriate line.

Ice Add a level scoop ofice so that it is level with top of scoop.

Liquid is not separated, has minimal ice chunks and pours with ease within 10 seconds after blender stops.

Topping Amount of whipped cream fills to top without t:)uching lid. It is defined with sauce in a spiral pattern.