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Cup Marking

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Using a black permanent marker,mark every cup before adding ingredient.

Use Beverage ID Post-it Notes for “personal” and “for here” cups.

Cup/Lid Handling

All paper cups should be served with a lid secured tightly onto the cup with the sip hole off-centre from the seam, unless requested otherwise by the customer.
The lid should not be touched on the underside or the sip side of the lid around the opening.

Beverage Calling Order

Use Beverage Calling when handing off beverages to customers. The Beverage Calling Order follows the same order as the Beverage Identification System with a few exceptions:
The default options in the beverage recipe should not be called.
Callthe number of beverages and the type of cup before calling the items listed on the cup.
Call the size of cup between callingthe shot quantity and the syrups/sauces. Always call customer name first if given.

Beverage Calling OrderDefault
1. Number of beverages:  One
2.Type of cup:   For here (hot or cold)
•To go (hot or cold)
3. Caffeine/decaf/Yi decaf  Caffeinated
4. Shot quantity  Per beverage recipe
5. Cup size  No default: Always call the beverage size
6. Syrups I sauces  Per beverage recipe
7. Milk  Whole or reduced fat, depending on market
8. Customizers  No default
9. Beverage name*  No default: Always call the beverage by name