Leçon 8, Chapitre 6
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  • Safety and Security

Always state the amount of money received from the customer clearly. This helps prevent any potential confusion.
Place currency facedown on top of the drawer until the transaction is complete and tell your customer their change.
Count back the customer’s change aloud as you give it to the customer.
If you need to leave your register unattended for any reason, be sure the register is at the login screen (your trainer will show you how to do this).

  • Cash Handling

Use care when handling and discussing cash.When asking for change from the manager or shift supervisor, be discreet.
Use the drop box beneath the register at all times for large currency, as well as any other excess bills or coins.
Use your till tags every time you are assigned to register position.

  • Observation Criteria

As you observe the barista trainer, pay attention to the following:
General screen layout (beverage size, beverage buttons, modifier buttons, menu keys, functions keys and tendering screen)
The order in which buttons are pressed (for example: size, beverage, modifier)
Toggling between screens (menu keys, Total button), if applicable.