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Exceptional Coffees, Exceptional Beans.

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To ensure every cup of our coffee is the perfect cup, we ethically source the highest quality beans from three different regions around the world – Latin America, Africa, and Asia Pacific. Take a look at the Coffee Belt where coffee is grown.Each region has its own unique characteristics based on climate, altitude, soil, and the type of trees that grow there.

What is Microclimate?
Microclimate refers to a region’s particular climate, meaning things like soil, altitude and weather.
Microclimate plays a key role in developing coffee’s natural flavors, impacting
its aroma, body, flavor and acidity. In short, microclimate is part of what makes each one of our coffees unique.

Coffee Species
There are two types of coffee species:
Arabica coffee grows at higher altitudes,.producing ideal flavor characteristics.
Robusta coffee grows at lower elevations and has unrefined flavor characteristics.
Starbucks only purchases the highest quality Arabica beans.

Coffee Cherries
Coffee beans are the fruit of a coffee tree. A coffee tree produces red cherries. Inside each cherry are green coffee beans. Once handpicked,these green beans are processed and then roasted to make the coffee you see inyour store.

Coffee Yield
One coffee tree yields about five pounds (2.25 kg) of coffee cherries each year, which after roasting, equals roughly one pound (450 grams) of coffee.
That means that every pound of roasted coffee equals the beans from one coffee tree for an entire year.

Did you know?
Our global coffee teams roast, taste,and evaluate over 250,000 cups of coffee every year.They ensure we are delivering the highest quality cup of coffee to our customers every day.

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