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POS Order Routine

admin4627 March 9, 2021

There’s a routine to help you with taking customer orders – the POS Order Routine. This routine helps ensure that every customer will have a consistently great experience when they order.


Smile and offer a friendly greeting.
Why? Creates a friendly atmosphere


Mark the cup,drink ID and/or bag using Mark
Cup/Bag Routine.
Why? Gets the order started.


Confirm Order and provide total.
Why? Ensures Order accuracy


Ordered items using Routines: Brewed Coffee/ Tea/ Bakery/ porridge/ Warmed Food.
Why? Reduces customer wait time.


Card:Offer a receipt while processing the card payment.
Why? Reduces customer wait time.


Say thank you. Inform customer about where their item(s) will be delivered.
Why? Lets the customer know what to expect.