About Us

Skillsmeup is a distinct e-learning place for companies and trainers. The exclusivity of this e-learning forum is that it collaborates with both companies and individuals for learning and sharing knowledge to help boost their performance. At Skillsmeup, we give you access to world-class company driven instructors who design and develop custom made training programs matching your industry at its best. Our e-learning content is based on the latest learning content guides with a series of impactful cutting edge visuals and audio lectures to create a lasting impact on acquiring new skills.

Skillsmeup has a collection of visually attractive instructional training videos to make learning more impactful and interactive at the same time. Our training learning material includes elements such as engaging animations, gamification, interactive stories, and scenarios. At Skillsmeup, we hope to make learning a fun and enjoyable experience. We will work along your side to identify and design learning and training materials saving your cost and time.

Custom Bespoke Learning Experience

At Skillsmeup, we will work together with individual companies to develop a swift bespoke solution to deploy ready-made training programs from our well-reached and gathered information. This ultimately saves time for the company if they organize such a massive exercise for executing training programs for their managers and staff. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective and handy solution for your company to easily pick and choose programs.

For individuals, Skillsmeup is an easily accessible platform where you can search programs according to your industry and job function. Also, you can browse through our rich library and can choose from multiple free/paid options that you feel pertinent to your needs and for professional growth within the industry.

Key Features of Elearning at Skillsmeup

This company is a nascent one, just established and got inspired by our old startup Studnsquare. We believe consistency is the key; if you will keep moving forward and quite not as successful as one has to be, at least you will find yourself away ahead from where you started from. We fell 7 times and got up 8 times, never got disoriented from our goal, and kept moving.

At Skillsmeup, we work as your true partners, meaning we have invested in your success and therefore work with your team to create custom eLearning solutions that guide you and your organization towards success. From a border perspective, our team has decades of experience in designing custom eLearning solutions for companies and organizations belonging to any industry and any size. The user-centric approach we ponder upon each project is the key differentiation from your competitors, which includes; quality, flexibility, and creativity driven by targeted goals and objectives.

What makes us Unique

As already stated briefly, what makes us unique is; our quality of content, which we gather with massive research, along with a rich experience of our trainers that speaks all about our source of information gathering. At the same time, we keep it flexible, with no restriction of place, time, and hassle of going to and fro in searching the relevant programs for your staff.
We exercise creativity in all our projects, and this is the reason why our platform speaks creativity, yet it is so simple to understand.
Lastly, we don’t do anything without setting goals, as dreams without goals are simply the dreams which you can only bring to your memory but cannot implement in your real life.

Let us know what exactly you are up to and put the rest upon us; we will not only let you find the way but will also pave a whole new journey for you. Think different and rely on the people who know their job!